Nylon Patch

Nylon Patch can be reusable because it uses the nylon’s characteristic of friction-resistance and impact- resistance. Nylon will be filled into the tolerance space of the screw thread, so its screw thread can 100% match with the corresponding nuts in order to reach requirements of safety, relative to the general fasteners.


  (1) Good weather-resistance. It can be used from -50 ℃ to -150 ℃; acid and alkali-resistance; solvent resistance.

  (2) Relatively lower construction costs. Coating area ranges from 90 degrees to 180 degrees.

  (3) Without waiting for the curing time. It can be used when cooling. Products are reusable.


  (1) Construction at higher temperature condition. It is easy to cause the quality issues of the parts’ surface.

  (2) The quality and character of parts’ surface will directly affect the quality of construction.

  (3) Impossible to rework if poor quality during product processing.

Pre-applied chemical adhesive

The principle of adhesive locking is similar to the principle of A、B type adhesive. The main plasticizer will be mixed with microcapsules containing the hardener, and these mixed glue will be used to coat on the surface of the screw thread. The product can be preserved more than one year after drying. When assembling a bolt with a nut, microcapsules will be broken. The main plasticizer will be mixed with hardener to produce curing effect. After a period of time, these glues will be fully cured, and reach the anti-loose effect. Generally, this can increase about 20% locking torque.


(1) Pre-applied adhesive. The preservation period is long, and it can be immediately processed, shorten working hours.

(2) With the increasing time, its locking torque will be also increased.

(3) Products can be used at different environments, such as high temperature, room temperature, and oily-resistance.

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